If you are trying to shed some of the stubborn fat that you’ve accumulated over the years, look no further! The Stannum Cosmetic Clinic in Ashfield, Sydney has the best solution for you. That’s right! We offer laser fat reduction treatments for those who are trying to get that lean, sculptured figure that they dream of. It is a low cost, modern, state of the art technology which permanently destroys fat cells. Furthermore, it is non-invasive, non-surgical and has zero downtime with minimal to zero after-effects making it an extremely safe treatment. If this sounds like what you have been waiting for, keep reading to find out more about how to lose fat with laser treatments.


The best way to maintain a healthy, sculptured figure is no doubt to lead a healthy lifestyle with ample exercise and a good diet. Unfortunately, for most of us who lead a busy lifestyle, it has become hard to meet those personal goals. As a result of the lack of physical movement and convenient but unhealthy food choices, our bodies slowly start to accumulate fat in many areas. After some time, even when we try to get back to a rigid fitness plan and a healthy dietary routine, it becomes too hard to get rid of those fat deposits in certain areas. The submental, belly, love handles and inner thighs can be some of these problematic areas with stubborn pockets of fat.

Consequently, with advances in medical technology, medical professionals have been striving for some time to provide solutions to this problem. Right now, out of the many available options, laser fat reduction is in the lead for its many advantages. So, let’s dive in and find out exactly what laser fat reduction is, and if it’s for you.


In a gist, laser fat reduction treatments destroy fat cells by altering their temperature. Fat cells in our body are more susceptible to changes in temperature than their surrounding cells. When either cooled or heated to extremes, even the most stubborn fat cells disintegrate into their component molecules. This is why laser fat reduction is considered to be a permanent fat reduction procedure.

The destroyed fat cells are allowed to be expelled from the body naturally, through the lymphatic system as waste. This yields another major advantage of this treatment option. It makes the complete procedure non-invasive and non-surgical as it does not rely on surgically removing fat from the body.

Results start to become visible within 6 to 12 weeks after the treatments. With 2 – 3 treatments you will amazing results in any area of the body.


At the Stannum cosmetic clinic, we use Sculpsure, the leading brand in laser fat reductions for our treatments. Sculpsure uses a 1060nm wavelength laser which has a high affinity for adipose tissue, commonly referred to as body fat. The fat cells under the skin are subjected to this laser light by applicators attached to the target area. The laser then heats the cells to 42°C – 47°C, which damaged their structural integrity. As a result, these fat cells start to shirk and get destroyed through a process known as apoptosis. Over the next three months, the lymphatic system of the body expels these broken-down cells as waste matter.

As an added benefit, laser technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in our skin. Consequently, this creates a smoother and natural skin appearance.


Laser fat reduction is the most convenient and safest fat reduction treatment available today. Our Sculpsure machine uses 4 flat applicators. These applicators are attached to the target area on the body with an easy to use belt system. The benefit of these applicators is, since they do not rely on suction for attachment, they can be used on almost any area of the body. As a result, Sculpsure laser fat reduction can be applied to areas with pinchable or non-pinchable fat. This makes treating awkward areas such as the submental relatively easy.

With Sculpsure, you get the added benefit of using 4 applicators at once. During a treatment, this translates to covering a wider area, or even multiple parts of the body in one session.

Most patients describe the treatment experience as mildly discomforting and not painful. Due to the Advanced Contact Cooling, you will feel a mild cooling sensation at first. This is to enhance your comfort during the procedure. After the initial cooling, the machine then switches between cooling and warming cycles. As a result, you will experience alternating warmth and mild tingling sensations.

A typical Sculpsure laser treatment session lasts only 25 minutes. As the procedure come with no downtime, you can get back to your daily routine immediately afterwards. With such a short treatment time and zero downtime, you can easily squeeze in a treatment session even during your lunch break!


Sculpsure laser fat reduction treatments have been found to yield up to an average of 24% in fat reduction. Results start showing about 6 weeks after the treatment. Furthermore, as the body keeps eliminating destroyed fat cell, results will continue to improve till about 12 weeks post-treatment. Best results can be obtained with 2 – 3 treatments per target area.

Additionally, the heat generated by SculpSure applicators extends beyond the target areas. As a result, this aids in creating a smoother and visually pleasing transition between treated and non-treated areas. The Journal of Dermatological Surgery states that the patient satisfaction rate of Sculpsure laser fat reduction is as high as 96%.


As the entire process is non-invasive and non-surgical, there are zero to negligible after-effects related to it. The laser does not damage the skin layer, so you will not be left with any permanent bruising or scarring. You may experience a mild swelling or slight redness in the treated area. However, these will subside on their own within a few hours or a few days. The treatment is sometimes associated with soreness or tenderness in the treated area similar to what you may experience after an intense workout. Nevertheless, this too will pass within a day or two.

Sculpsure laser far reduction is currently one of the safest available options for fat reduction. It is the first-ever FDA, as well as TGA, approved laser-based non-invasive fat removal procedure.


Laser fat reduction is one of the most cost-efficient fat reduction procedures available. It is also one of the lowest costing treatment options. A Sculpsure treatment session at Stannum Cosmetic Clinic will cost you only $99!


STANNUM is a cosmetic clinic striving to provide holistic cosmetic services to all clients. We use the most advanced laser tool in the world under the supervision of FRACGP qualified GPs. Furthermore, we offer extremely competitive prices making us the most affordable cosmetic clinic in Australia. Please click here to find out more about laser fat reduction or to book a consultation.

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